Wake Me Up! Coffee Body Polishing Scrub

  • $14.95

This coffee body scrub is very aromatic and just like a good cup of coffee, perfect to wake up and use in your morning routine or to refresh after a stressful day! Our coffee scrub is great for a little at home pampering.

Wake Me Up! Coffee Body Polishing Scrub is a handmade all natural scrub.  As you use this body scrub it exfoliates dry skin and leaves you feeling silky smooth.  Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and may even help skin to remain youthful looking and feeling. Aromatic coffee paired with Epsom salt and raw sugar is perfect for exfoliation. They are also a great mix for skin stimulation and a quick magnesium boost comes from the salt. Raw organic coconut oil is used as a cleanser, it is an excellent moisturizer and leaves your skin hydrated after the shower or bath without feeling greasy.

To use- While in shower or bath, gently massage polishing scrub onto skin, lingering in areas of dry & rough skin. Rinse off completely.  

Our scrubs are made with all natural ingredients; many are also organic. All products are handmade in small batches which helps us to keep a close eye on product quality. If there is an ingredient listed that you do not want to use but you are interested in this item, let us know we can make substitutions in many cases.

All of our body scrubs are packaged in a reusable glass jar. Our 8 oz Body Polishing Scrubs come with a bamboo fork. It is important to use a dry utensil or dry hands when getting scrub out of the jar; added moisture setting in the scrub will shorten it's shelf life. Our products are not made with any chemicals, preservatives, etc and may need stirred, as it is natural for separation to occur. Sometimes just flipping the jar upside down (after double checking the lid is on tight) a little while before you plan to use it will help the coconut oil redistribute through the scrub.