Sleepy Sheepy Bedtime Balm

  • $7.95

Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Sleepy Sheepy Bedtime Balm is perfect to help you naturally relax. The calming aromas of lavender, cedar and chamomile in this salve are powerful and assist the mind & body in quieting down & promoting a peaceful sleep.

Sleepy Sheepy is made with Organic Chamomile Flowers infused in Organic Olive Oil, Lavender & Cedarwood Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Raw Beeswax and Vitamin E.

Apply to neck, temples, shoulders and feet about half an hour before laying down to naturally help your body achieve a good night of rest. This all natural balm is great for the whole family!

Easily applied with your fingertip. Packaged in a sealed tin, with a net wt of .7 oz.

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