Eucalyptus Chest & Throat Rub

Eucalyptus Chest & Throat Rub

  • $7.95

Eucalyptus Chest & Throat Rub promotes a healthy respiratory system. Massage into throat, chest and soles of feet to rejuvenate & breath easy.

Our Eucalyptus Chest and Throat Rub starts with a slow process of infusing organic extra virgin olive oil with organic calendula flowers. We melt raw beeswax, adding the calendula oil and vitamin E. Directly before pouring into tins and jars we add pure therapeutic grade eucalyptus essential oil.

Our Calendula is grown organically in our herb garden. This plant has multiple purposes.

The Eucalyptus Essential Oil we use is pure therapeutic grade.  It is organically grown, cared for , harvested and distilled, no hidden toxins. Eucalyptus is well known for its menthol properties. The aroma & vapors are known for respiratory support!

We use Raw Beeswax, locally sourced. Raw beeswax is more beneficial than many realize. Beeswax, as well as Eucalyptus & Calendula, carry amazing benefits.

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