• $7.95

Our Natural Deodorant is toxin free! You can feel good about using this deodorant for your under arm care.  

Our skin is our largest organ, we need to take measures to ensure what we put on it is as natural as possible. Store bought commercial deodorants have harmful chemicals that can play a part in diminishing health. Essential sisters deodorant is ALL natural and free of aluminum compounds, parabens and other chemicals.

Essential Sisters' All Natural Deodorant is a odor absorbing. The main base of our deodorant is raw organic coconut oil, organic unrefined Shea butter and locally sourced raw beeswax which all help soothe application, maintain healthy skin tissue & protect against drying skin out. Arrowroot powder absorbs unwanted moisture and provides a silky smooth feel. We always use aluminum free baking soda. Aluminum free baking soda helps absorb moisture & neutralize offensive odors. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils provide many additional benefits.

Detoxification is normal in transitioning from commercial to natural deodorants. With commercial deodorants aluminum compounds clog your pores and sweat glands, so there will be some build up for your body to shed. This natural deodorant will allow your body to open & unclog those pores shrunken by your old deodorant and to release built up toxins from your underarm area. The "detox" period only lasts 1-3 weeks and is well worth it in the long run. Your body will be happier and healthier from it!

You may speed up this detoxification by renewing the skin during these couple weeks. Exfoliate under your arms twice a week.  Wash underarms daily with soap and water. If necessary during this time, wash underarms 2-3 Times a day, applying deodorant each time to refresh and protect.

Store in a cool dry location. Softening may start to occur at 78° F. If softening occurs place in refrigerator to harden back up.

This listing is for one 2.8 oz tube of deodorant. Also pictured (smaller) is the Sweet Ylang Ylang Lotion Bar which can be purchased here.