Cedar Co. was founded by three young artists who were and are passionate about turning a hobby into products that can add value to others. Through coffee shop meetings, continuous group messages mixed with a lot of trial & error, we have created an online shop dedicated for providing quality products. You will find that most of our products are customizable to fit the aesthetic of your home & lifestyle. Cedar Co. has allowed us to meet other creatives, get involved in community events and grow a local following. 

Since starting Cedar Co. our team has only grown. What began as a partnership has shifted towards sole proprietorship with the support of a lead team. Being an owner & artist, Juliana is passionate about creative community. Ideas are constantly flowing through her mind of how to push Cedar Co. towards expansion and success. It's no joke when we say that everyday Juliana is dedicated to finding creative ways to grow Cedar Co. Juliana has moved forward with an original team vision of creating a place for artists to pursue sharing their craft with the world. With the help of former partners Des & Katie, we have been able to create a business platform that fits this vision. We are still very team focused and thankful that our former partners now make up our lead team. Des & Katie are the relational masterminds behind executing our vision for creating community. They have stepped in to create a team environment & mindset for our company. Now being laser focused on creating community among our artists & customers has allowed us to genuinely care more about what we do. Want to learn more about what our artists make? Visit each artist page to see the craft that they specialize in. Learn More
We believe that God has given each of us gifts & abilities which He intended to be shared. Whether its creating All Natural Bath Products to keep a healthy, clean lifestyle or making Custom Signs for your home stating family values. We want to add value to your life in any way that you see fit. We don't believe in having "stuff" just to have it. We genuinely want our products to be something in your life that is adding value not clutter.  We want the 'Thank You' card that you buy from us to be used to express gratefulness towards someone. We believe in choosing to shop with businesses that align with our individual lifestyle. We hope that you recognize our values & if nothing else, appreciate our vision for business. 
We believe that when you put creatives in a room together, the door is opened to a healthy balance of competition & community. Being creatives ourselves, we know that working with others has the intense probability to breed better creativity. Our company is passionate about collaboration among local businesses. If this is something you're interested in doing, we would love to hear how we could partner with your business. Contact us here