Collection of Bath Salts

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This collection has one bottle of each of our classic scents, allowing for a well rounded spa experience. You can keep them for yourself, or you can keep one and gift the other two! However you want to play it, these bath salts are meant to be calming and bring joy in the form of relaxation. 


1/4 cup per bath | these luxurious bath salts are made with doTERRA essential oils, baking soda, organic Epsom salts and organic sweet almond oil. They are a perfect way to relax and detox, with moisturizing effects through the sweet almond oil. Pour in the salts as your bath tub fills with water for the best results. 

Scents that are included in this collection:

lavender - calming & relaxing

eucalyptus - use for times of sickness to help clear airways of congestion

wild orange - brighten your mood

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